4 Effective ways to deliver a great presentation    Do you get sick to your stomach and overwhelmed with anxiety every time you are told to present in front of a group of people? Well you are not alone. A shocking 54% of people rate fear of public speaking before the fear of death itself. The good news is that public speaking is a skill that can be learned as we’re not all born with this ability. How would you like to feel at ease the next time you are told to present? How would you like to deliver an impactful speech? Well get your note pad out and let’s get started!   Step 1- Practice   and Rehearse Now this first step might seem like a no brainer, however most people fail to get this basic effective step. When you don’t practice and rehearse you increase the chances of you standing in front of the audience searching for your words. That leads to anxiety and an overall bad presentation. If you plan to deliver a great presentation you need to look confident not only in the message that you share but also in the way you present yourself on stage. 90% of your presentations success will come down to how well you are prepared , so make sure you know your message inside and out. Begin with the end in mind; what is the message you want to deliver, how do you want people to feel after your speech? And what do you want to accomplish with your speech? Being prepared or not prepared can be the difference between a successful speech and a failure. A really good rule of thumb when it comes to delivering presentations is to have one hour of material for every twenty minutes you are scheduled to speak. Being overly prepared is never a bad thing so practice and rehearse so you can wow your audience.   Step 2- Know your Audience   One part of public speaking that is vital for a successful presentation is this: to wow the audience, you must know the audience. Think about how you might communicate differently to your best friend versus a client. Different people will respond differently to the same message, so you must adjust the way by which you deliver the information based on who you’re speaking with. I come from the sales industry and it is there that I learned the magic power of rapport and speaking in people’s terms. We need to use analogies the audience will understand. Now you might be reading this and saying yourself “how I can know people I have never met before”. It is not as hard as you might think. Simply find out the demographics of your audience, such as their gender, age range, marital status, occupation and educational background. You may not require all of this information, but try obtaining the statistics that are relevant to your presentation from the event organiser. The crowd might have common demographics or might be completely varied, but this will give you an idea as to how you can deliver your message in a comprehensive manner.   Step 3- Have a Killer Opening First impressions are everything, so make it a strong one. When it comes to public speaking gaining the attention of your audience is one of the most crucial elements. After all, if you don’t have their attention then your message won’t be heard, regardless how important it may be. You may be speaking to an audience but they may have already tuned out and therefore never retain your information. They might focus more on what they should have for supper or their plans for the upcoming weekend. Make sure you open great and gain their attention. People’s attention spans are not what they used to be so it is more crucial now than ever before to wow the audience. Make sure that you establish that you are an expert, show that you are enthusiastic to be there and be energetic. One of the best ways to start off any speech is to use the Dale Carrnige classic, "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them." This is a very powerful and effective way to start any speech. Below is a list of some other ways you can deliver a successful speech.   Make a monster claim Ask engaging questions Start with telling a scary statistic   Start by making a shocking statement   Start by giving a positive statement Start your speech by referring to current events   Start your speech by referring to historical events   Start your speech by referring to a well known person Start with a quote from recent research Start your speech by giving them hope  Start with humour  Open with a problem  Tell a story  Step 4- Trigger Emotions Have you ever had a teacher in school that no matter how hard you tried you just wanted to fall asleep? We have all been there. Do you enjoy reading great books or watching movies? Well great books and movies have one thing in common: they trigger emotions. Do you want your audience to fall asleep or do you want them to be entertained and engaged in your speech. Asking the audience to visualise is a great way to evoke emotion. Below is a list of ways you can help trigger the audience’s emotions.    Tonality Volume Speed  Body language  Language   Final Words Remember if you want to deliver a great speech you must gain the audience’s attention, maintain it and evoke their emotions. As humans, we tend to listen intently to stories, so I will leave you with this winning formula as a bonus. State a fact, followed by a story with which the audience can relate. Then state another fact followed with a powerful quote. As a great speaker you will have to use the volume and speed of your voice to keep the listeners at the edge of their seats. Whenever you feel like you might be losing their attention simply ask the crowd or an individual a question to engage them with participation to keep them alert. Now, follow these steps and go prepare for your next speech. It does not have to be scary, so try having some fun with it.  Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler                                          
5 Rituals to Help Break Out of Your Comfort Zone The reason I want you to focus on stepping out of your comfort zone is this: staying in your comfort zone is the surest way to never grow. By staying in your comfort zone you actually increase the chances of being unhappy and falling into a rut. You will never fully live up to your potential, and while hiding in your comfort zone, you withhold your true greatness from the world. I know deep inside you have things you want to achieve, things that will excite you, entertain you and keep you feeling alive; but all of those great things are outside your comfort zone. Who we are as people largely comes down to our daily rituals . The habits we have that shape us. If you want to change your life, you must change your daily rituals. Let's look at 5 rituals we can start implementing on a daily basis to help you step out of your comfort zone. Ritual One- Say Yes Saying 'NO' all the time is kind of like hitting your snooze button on the alarm. It gets you nowhere, and it is a bad habit. Just like all other habits, the habit of saying no, can be replaced with a good habit, saying 'YES'. Make it a daily ritual to say yes to more things. This simple word holds a great deal of power when it comes to getting out of your comfort zone. Every time you say yes to trying a new food, hobby or travel destination , you are saying yes to getting out of that comfort zone. I am not expecting you to say yes to everything. That would just be a silly request and potentially unsafe (common sense is necessary here). I am however asking you to be aware of how often you say 'NO' and I urge you to commit, to saying 'YES'. Ritual Two - Physical Exercise The reason why it is important to have a great daily ritual for your body is because it promotes your overall self-confidence. Fear is mostly physical. If you exercise your body it is scientifically proven that you feel better. You will be  healthier and look healthier. With a stronger body you will feel more courage to take on life and you feel better able to [protect yourself. There are two reasons why I think physical exercise  should be a crucial part of a daily routine. The physical movement helps me defeat that annoying little voice in my mind that attempts to limit my potential. Also, it keeps my whole body in motion which helps to  promote  productive days. I am sure you know the saying 'a body in motion stays in motion'. It is very true. If you sit on the couch all day you will feel lazy, fatigued and sluggish. If you work out you feel powerful, energized and confident. Ritual Three- Mental Exercise When you are really good at something or know more about a subject than others, are afraid to take action or speak up on that topic? Probably not. The reason why mental exercise is so important is because the more you learn the more you know! And the more knowledge you gain, the more confident you will be. If you have a daily ritual of reading uplifting and helpful material you will build your confidence day by day. The stronger you make your mind the more power you have to take on the world. Ritual Four- Stop Negative Self Talk Negative beliefs are built through various experiences such as being told that you can't or having failed at something in your past. Regardless how they came about, it is time to take action and break your negative patterns. You see, the way we communicate with ourselves on a daily basis is what shapes a lot of our inner beliefs. If you keep calling yourself stupid or repeat that you are not capable of doing something, then you will quickly begin believing that this in fact is your reality which will in turn result in lower confidence and a tendency to stay within your comfort zone. If you don't like a channel on the TV you change it, with one click of a button. If you don't like a radio station you can simply tune it out. The same goes for negative self talk. Make sure that you no longer tolerate speaking negatively to yourself. Only you can control what stories you tell yourself everyday. If you want to gain confidence stop saying you are not confident, and already you are on the right track. Ritual Five- Take Action Now, this last ritual might seem scary if you are afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. However, it is vital because without taking action and stepping out of your comfort zone you will never follow through and therefore never get the results you seek. It is necessary to make it a daily ritual to be productive and take action. Try new experiences, meet new people, or try new foods. Whatever you must do to get out of your comfort zone. The most important part is taking action. The more you do this, the more it will become a habit which will in turn result in an easier and less scary journey outside of your comfort zone. Final Words Patience and persistence will bring you success. Don't give up when things get hard and be kind with yourself while you try implementing these new daily rituals. Understand that this takes time and practice, and sometimes involves setbacks which is a normal part of the experience. Remember that getting out of your comfort zone will be a journey so make sure you enjoy every step of the way. Enjoy the new you and a more exciting life, one where you reach your fullest potential so you can show us all your greatness. Thanks for reading, Raphael Huwiler
4 Killer Proposal Writing Tips        No matter what product or service you might sell, it is always a smart idea to bring a proposal to your sales pitch. You see, all products and services come with different details and making a decision for a customer can be a bit overwhelming.That is why, having a proposal is helpful. Having written information makes it easier to explain to the customer as you can easily demonstrate numbers and features. I want to share these 4 killer proposal tips to give you a leg up on the competition. Are you ready to take your proposals to the next level and gain more customers? Let's get started!        1- Keep it clean and simple     Alright, the first thing might seem obvious but it is sadly overlooked by many sales professionals. The first element to a successful proposal is keeping it clean and simple. The more confusing an offer the less likely anyone will buy into it. "A Confused Customer Buys Nothing." (Brian Tracy) Ask yourself, would you ever make a purchase even though you are still confused about it? Probably not. Make sure your proposal is easy to understand and follow. We live in a busy world and nobody wants to take time to try and figure out your offer by flipping through pages of clutter and confusing numbers. Keep it clean and simple.         2- Focus on the problem you solve not pricing     People are willing to pay whatever price you are asking as long as they see enough value behind the offer. Make sure that when you write a proposal, you include the pain points the customers may feel. Show the solution you offer. The more value they see, the less they will question your pricing. Proposals have to be kept to the point and only mention what the customer is interested in. A great saying in the sales industry explains that you must always mention the feature to every benefit or don't mention the feature at all. The moment you start talking about things that don't matter to the customer is the moment you lose their attention and interest. For example, don't include a whole excel spreadsheet, just include the numbers that matter. Don't use two pages talking about your company when the customer wants to know what solution you offer. Remember customers are interested in what is in it for them.           3- Use colors                           Do you like to be bored? I bet you don't, and neither do your customers. Imagine yourself having to look through pages and pages of black and white text, and excel spreadsheets. Sound like fun yet? That is why it is crucial to add color to your proposals. When you use colors it adds more excitement for the customer as it will grab their attention, and when used correctly they can tap into emotions of the potential buyer. Make sure you study the colors and use them when and where appropriate.        4-  Use Testimonials     Do you like to be the first to try something? Probably not! You see, most people like to purchase a product or service that has already been tested and approved by other customers . I personally don't want to be a risk taker with my wallet and neither do your customers. Make sure that you use testimonials in your proposals to build trust. It is a crucial component of an effective and successful proposal. Just keep in mind: if people hear something they will doubt it, but if they see it they will most likely believe it. That is the way we work as humans. Make sure you offer proof of happy customers. Bonus tip: it is always great to use testimonials that are in the same industry as the potential buyer to whom you are presenting.     Final words     Proposals are great when used to display information visually and to help explain products and services to potential buyers. Make sure that you keep them clean, simple and to the point, as well as exciting and professional. Now that you know how to put together a nice proposal, go and present it. Remember that the deal won't close itself, even after following all these tips. If you want your proposal to be effective, you still need to use your sales skills to get the pen on paper to close the deal.   Thanks for reading!    Raphael Huwiler     
4 Tips to Live Happier How happy are you currently, on a scale from 1 to 10, and 10 being extremely happy? You see, most people want to be happier! They find many reasons as to why they are unhappy and often blame outside sources for their unhappiness. Before we get started, I need to debunk two myths about happiness. First, nobody will always be happy, we are all human and we have ups and downs. However how long we choose to live in those downs is where we can improve. Second, long term happiness is not something that happens to us, only forms of satisfaction can occur. This is because happiness comes from within, while satisfaction can be achieved through external sources (such as money relationships, etc). After you read this article you will have a better understanding as to why these two myths are in fact inaccurate beliefs. You will then be able to consistently work on becoming a happier person through recognizing that you have more control than often believed over the emotions you experience in various situations. Let's get started! 1- Watch the meaning you give I want you to think of a time where you felt some strong emotions toward someone, or a specific situation. What made you feel that way? What makes us, as people, react to situations? You see, no matter what happens to us in life the experiences hold no meaning until we attach one to the specific situation. Emotions do not just happen to us, they are created by what meaning we give and what we allow our mind to dwell on. The great thing about this is we have more power over our emotions than what we might think. Let me give you an example. If a person fails at a task, they then have a choice to make. What meaning will they attach to that failure? Will it mean the 'end of the world' for them, will they believe that they are a failure as a person? Or, will they change the meaning to "I learned a lot from my failure and therefore will succeed next time because this failure made me smarter and stronger". Take time to reflect on the meaning you attach to situations in your own life. Will you become a victim because of what happens to you in life or will you become a hero? Choose wisely, because whatever meaning you give to any situation will be what shapes your inner beliefs about yourself . 2- Watch the language you use What I mean by this is being aware of the words you choose when expressing your feelings toward situations. The words you choose have a great impact on how you feel. For example, if you are driving in rush hour traffic when another car cuts you off and you start shouting at the top of your lungs ("If one more car cuts me off, I will blow up") you will experience road rage . There will be a tremendous difference in how you feel if instead you had chosen different words to express your emotions ("Ok, that driver may be in a hurry or a new driver"). You see, the first example uses words that are very visual and display outrage. If you choose to use language like this you will get your blood boiling because you are creating a visual for yourself ("I am going to lose my mind, I will blow up"). Now try reflecting on how you communicate with yourself on a daily basis. It will take some time, but work on modifying the language you use to create a more calming a positive dialogue to reduce your overall stress, anxiety and anger. 3- Watch your daily focus Another way to live a happier life is to become more aware of what you focus on every day. As Tony Robbins says "Focus equals feelings" . The more you dwell on a thought, the stronger it will get. If you want to change your emotions, you have to change your focus. "Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it". (Charles R. Swindoll) Make sure to focus more on solutions and less on the problems. Also remember that the mind is your garden so what you plant will grow, regardless if they are positive or negative thoughts. If you want to always be unhappy choose to focus on negative thought, and without fail you will be miserable. On the flip side, if you choose to focus on positive thoughts then you have a bigger chance of living a happier life. 4- Remain in the present moment Most people experience some form of anxiety, anger or sadness whenever they choose to focus on their past or future. One of my favorite books, "The Power of Now" gave me this key to happiness and I have been practicing to make it a habit ever since. Stay in the present moment. Why not! It might sound silly, as it did to me when I first read the book. However, Ekhart Tolle makes a great point. Take your fears for example, 85% of what we worry about never happens. Most of the time when we fear something it is because of what happened in the past or we are scared of the outcome in the future. Think of how many times you have felt anxiety, anger, jealousy or sadness when reliving your past or when creating stories that may play out in the future. If you want to live a happier life, try putting more energy into the present moment rather than worrying about the past or future. Final words None of us can control the amount of years we get on earth but we can all control the quality of the years we get. Make sure that you decide to be in control of your happiness by applying these four tips previously explained in this article. It is not easy to always try being in a positive frame of mind and you will still experience negative emotions. However, how long you dwell on specific emotions will be up to you. Remember, you are not a victim of your emotions, you are the creator. Now go and be great! And live a happy life. Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler
5 Creative Ways to get your Resume to Stick Out Searching for jobs can be a lengthy process, so once you find a job you really want, you need your resume to be read. Most people spend a good amount of time writing a quality resume. However, a well written resume is only helpful when it is read. It is such a busy world, you have to be very creative or your resume will run the risk of being lost in mountains of other resumes. What is very important to keep in mind is that most HR individuals put in charge of recruiting new talent for the company find the proceeds boring and mind numbing. That is why it is crucial to be creative to stand out. What will be different about you versus all the other applicants? Let's have a look at 5 creative ways that you can get your resume seen by the proper decision maker so you can land your ideal job. 1- Send resume attached to a box of sweets This first idea is not something I came up with myself but rather something I saw a friend of mine do. It worked really well for him, so I decided to give it a try. Well sure enough I was called in for an interview the very next day. I guess who doesn't have a sweet tooth, right? Here are 2 reasons why this creative idea will increase the chances of you standing out from all the other candidates. One, it gets attention by breaking routine resume drop of and brightens the employer's day. Two, it plays on the reciprocity principle . Psychology research shows that people tend to feel obligated to return the favor in these types of situations. In other words, if you do something nice for them, they will be more likely to do something nice for you. Make sure to try this idea. Worst case scenario you will have brightened a stranger's day and positive karma might just get you back later. 2- Send resume directed to a specific person via letter It is not a secret that sending letters is no longer the way we communicate. After all, emails are a much faster and easier form of communication. However, what is more likely to catch your attention, the 59th email out of a 100? Or HR dropping off a letter on your desk saying this came for you? I am willing to bet that the letter will get your attention, and this would probably strike your curiosity about the go-getting individual who sent this your way. How you go about writing the letter with your resume included is up to you. Make sure that you try this creative approach to get your resume in the hands of the person who needs to see it. Again, worst case scenario, you make someone's day by breaking their daily routine .   3- Send resume via FedEx package This next point again works for the same reasons as stated above, but a FedEx package is another solid way to grab some attention. They can't simply ignore a FedEx package that arrives at their office, but they can surely decide not to open your email. What you include in the package is up to you. Remember, if you found a job you really love and feel are qualified for it is your duty to get that resume to be noticed. 4- Visit the office personally with resume in hand Being a sales professional, I am no stranger to introducing myself to a complete stranger (cold calling). However, I understand it isn't for everyone's nerves, but I do recommend you give this a try. Walk into the office with resume in hand. Ask to speak to the person responsible for hiring. If they are busy wait, or return on another day. When you do get to speak with them, you could for example say "I wanted to speak with you personally, nice to meet you. Based on what you said in your job posting, I know I'll be a perfect fit for this company. If you have 10 minutes to share I'll explain why." I have personally landed jobs like this before. You most likely won't get hired on the spot, but you have a great chance of getting an interview. While all the other resumes are on a computer still showing as unread you have already shaken hands with the decision maker. Trust me, give this one a try! Especially if the position would require a go-getting, out of the box thinking candidate. 5- Connect and message on LinkedIn This last creative approach you can take is via LinkedIn. Odds are no matter what job you are going for, with a little research you can locate the decision maker on social media such as LinkedIn. Do your research and find out who the specific person is you need to speak with. Send them an invitation to connect and message them. Keep it simple. For example; "Hello, it is great to connect on here, I sure hope all is well. I wanted to thank you in advance for reading my resume. I look forward to hearing back from you." This is a very quick and simple way to try and attract more attention to your resume. If they receive your LinkedIn invitation, they will most likely read your message, simply out of curiosity. Once they read your message and check out your great level of experience and impressive profile, odds are your name will stick out when it comes to calling people for a first interview. Final words Remember the only way to fail is to stop trying. Taking a chance on some creative ways to get your resume in the right hands could be the difference between landing a job you love or sending out a 100 more resumes and coming out empty handed. They will only pick one candidate, so be different and stand out. Now go and get your resume in the hands of the right people, so that you can land the job you deserve and will love! Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler
3 Negative Habits to Change to be more Successful and Happy Life holds many lessons and can bring out a variety of emotions. With all of its ups and downs, life surely can make you or break you. In order to be happy and successful in life, we have to maintain good habits. Today I want to share with you 3 habits that many people engage in on a daily basis which must be eliminated in order to be both happy and successful. Let's get started! 1- Eliminate Limiting Beliefs The negative experiences we face in life, the messages we hear reminding us of what we can't do, and the score card we keep of all the so called failures are what create self limiting beliefs. If you are told over and over again that you are not good at something, you will probably hold on to that belief, and never succeed. On the flip side, if you were always told you were great at something, you probably felt confident and able to succeed. No matter what we want to do in life, before we take action there must first be the belief that you can achieve what you set your mind to. Otherwise fear, doubt and lack of confidence will hold you back from trying, and if you never try you can never succeed. Therefore you must acknowledge and change your limiting beliefs if you want to be successful and happy in life. Identify 3 things that you feel you believe to be your weakest points. Now honestly question it. Don't hold onto lines and lies you were fed about what you can and cannot achieve. From now on, I want you to know that only you can decide what is a possibility for you. If you choose to eliminate your limiting beliefs, you will have a better chance to succeed and be happy. 2- Eliminate Negative Self Talk The communication we have with ourselves (our inner dialogue) is very powerful and therefore crucial to master. No matter if you maintain positive or negative self talk, whichever you choose to feed your mind will determine your level of confidence. “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.” (Henry Ford) You see, having a bad habit of talking negatively about yourself and being hard on yourself will make it harder to succeed and be happy with anything you do in life. Before you can achieve you must believe. If your inner dialogue is negative it will lower your confidence. If you keep calling yourself stupid for long enough you will eventually believe you are stupid. Make sure that every time you catch yourself taking part in negative self talk, you stop yourself, and reword what you were saying. For example. If you notice yourself saying 'why did I mess this up, how could I be so stupid' you can change that wording into 'I am thankful that I keep trying new things, because trying new things is the only way to learn'. Try taking some time to reflect on your daily inner dialogue to spot areas that could be improved. 3- Eliminate Focusing on Negatives Did you know that whatever we focus on will determine our emotions? One of the best life lessons I have ever learned was from Tony Robbins ; if you can control your focus you can gain more control over your own emotions. From time to time, life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us. The important thing to remember through all the ups and downs is this: you can never control what happens in your life, but you can always control the way you respond. The way you react comes down to what you focus on and what meaning you decide to give any situation. If you have a habit of focusing on the negatives such as the bad experiences in your past or your fears regarding the future, then you will feel those unwanted negative emotions. Choose to switch your focus towards more beneficial thoughts which could include solutions, positive aspects of the situations or avoiding focusing on the negative thoughts. If you are facing a difficult situation focus 10 percent on the problem and 90 percent on the solution. The longer you dwell on something the more emotions will build towards it . Watch what you give your focus to. Final Words Our daily habits shape us as people, for the good and the bad. No matter what happens in life, every situation that is approached with a positive mindset will get a better result. Habits are created by us, even ones that are hard to break. The best way to eliminate a bad habit and get lasting change, is to replace it with a good one. Remember, it takes consistent effort and patience to change a habit. Make a commitment to eliminate limiting beliefs, and be aware of where you channel your focus in order to avoid falling into a negative downward spiral.Also beware of the daily communication you have with yourself, because the story you tell yourself on a daily basis will determine who you become. Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler    
  5 Ways to Maintain Healthy Relationships with the People Around You    Alright, let’s look at the relationships in your personal and professional life. The reason we should focus on this is simple: ups and downs in our relationships strongly impact our overall well being. Are you currently maintaining healthy relationships? It could be with your siblings, parents, friends, kids, coworkers, boss or that special someone. The reason why relationships are so important is because the relationships we choose to have in our lives will impact us as individuals. Let’s look at five ways to help you maintain healthy relationships with the people in your personal and professional life. 1- Don’t be Selfish One of the biggest reasons you see so many relationships failing more and more these days is because people are selfish. You see friends getting into fights, married people getting divorced, brothers and sisters no longer speaking and coworkers gossiping about each other. It is sad to think that so many relationships of all kinds fail for that simple reason. What causes people to be so selfish? Well as we all know, most people are only interested in what is in it for them. People are so concerned with their opinions and their right to speak that they fail to connect with others. If you listen with the intent to understand, versus listening with the intent to reply, you will get much further in connecting with others. To have a positive relationship there has to be a healthy balance of give and take. Stephen Covey says it best in his book (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) , we should seek first to understand others and then ask to be understood. The problem in the world today is that everybody wants to let the world know how they feel but nobody cares what the world has to say. Most arguments simply happen because both people are focusing on getting their point across. We all love to speak but we don't all listen. The two ears we have should be an indication that we must listen twice as much as we speak. Now, how can we be less selfish? Try focusing on other people’s feelings not just your own, and don’t just expect them to be there for you because you must also be there for them. Make a commitment to yourself, to treat other people with respect. As the saying goes, treat others the way you want to be treated. Taking the high road is not a quality of the weak but a quality of the strong. Make sure not to be too quick to let a situation mean more than the relationship. If you want better relationships you must focus less on 'Me' and more on 'We'. 2- Never Assume, Communicate How many times have you taken part in a situation that went from bad to worse only to find out it all could have been avoided, if better communication would have been present? It happens to all of us and as we know, nobody is perfect. However, to make a change in life we must first understand what needs to be modified. To maintain better relationships both at home and your workplace, it is crucial to have good communication. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that people experience the world through a filter that is created by past experiences. If two people react to a situation based on their very different pasts, miscommunication can easily arise. If you want to maintain healthy relationships, there has to be good communication. This is only achieved through both listening and expressing wants, needs and desires in a favorable manner. Never assume or jump to conclusions, always try to communicate properly! 3- Trust Others Trusting people is essential to any healthy relationship . I don’t care if it’s between you and your boss, your kids or a significant other. We all have a past and what happened in the past might make it harder for us to trust others. Maybe you were fooled, cheated on or lied to by someone you loved. You see, nobody can change what happened in your past and it's natural to want to protect yourself from being hurt again. However, if you filter every relationship you have through your past, then you will never be fully happy and you risk missing out on opportunities. Trust that people will do the right thing, it is better for you and for them. Trust on some level is fundamental to all healthy relationships. 4- Focus on the Best in People We all have great things about ourselves and we all have things to work on. You see, it is easy to focus on the negative traits of people but "where focus goes energy flows" (Tony Robbins) . In other words, if you want to experience the negative traits in people focus on those negative traits and vice versa. For example, if your special someone leaves their socks laying around, you can choose to either get mad at them or focus on the fact that they always make you coffee in the morning. If you always argue with people about something they do that you don’t like, then you bring out the negative emotions in both of you. If you focus on the good in people, they are more likely to feel motivated to continue exhibiting the behavior that you are positively reinforcing. 5- Choose to Love People You see, to love someone is a choice. As explained by Stephen Covey, “Love - the feeling - is a fruit of love, the verb.(...)Love is something you do, the sacrifices you make (…). If you want to study love, study those who sacrifice for others(…). ” (7 Habit of Highly Effective People) If you are experiencing a lack of love in a relationship, try doing more for each other. If you come home angry, frustrated or sad then you will bring home those feelings, but if you choose to bring home love, happiness and gratitude, then you'll experience those emotions instead. Starting today, hold yourself accountable to be there for others and focus on love. Final Words Remember, relationships play a crucial part in our overall well being. Great relationships can help lift you up and bad relationships will drag you down. We all have disagreements with others so it is important to try and see other people's point of view. Remember, arguments occur when a person feels their wants or needs are being neglected, so ensure to utilize healthy communication in order to properly address the situation. Don't be selfish, never assume and always communicate. Trust others, focus on the best in others and above all, choose to love. Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler
6 Ways Donald Trump Won the U.S. Election with Sales Tactics I know this is a sensitive topic because regardless if you love him or hate him, Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States. Are you shocked with the outcome? Or were you expecting this result? Even if you don't agree with everything that happened throughout his campaign, one undeniable fact is that he successfully used sales tactics (as evidenced by his new position). I want to share with you 6 sales tactics that Donald Trump used to win the people of the United States. Say what you will but in a way, a presidential election is in part a sales pitch. People want to know what is in it for them and why they should trust that their life will improve with the chosen candidate. Let's look at how Donald Trump won the vote of the people. 1 - Make a Major Claim We live in a very fast paced world and times have changed. What used to work is now outdated and what used to be fast is now slow. Sales 101: make a major claim to grab attention and maintain attention. No matter how you feel about his major claims, those claims had all of our attention. The best part is that you don't even require examples because he did this so well. This is demonstrated by the fact that his big claims throughout the campaign are still in your mind word for word. (Can anyone say WALL?) You see, no matter what message you try to deliver you must first gain your audiences' attention. This holds true for public speaking or giving a sales pitch, face to face and even over the phone. 2- Hit the Pain Point How do you get a customer to buy? Very simply put, listen with the intent to identify the problem they are trying to solve and offer a solution. The more power the pain point holds over the customer, the higher their interest will be in the solution you offer them. When you look at all the people who are currently struggling in the United States, you see there is a big pain point. (These difficulties result from various circumstances such as unemployment, concerns regarding safety and the country's financial situation.) Election after election a majority of the voters' pain points have been ignored, that is up until now. Donald Trump recognized what the majority of the people were unhappy with, therefore he repeated his message like a broken record. Bottom line, he hit the pain points and won the votes from individuals hopeful for change. 3- Know your Target Audience Another big sales tactic is to understand your audience's wants, fears and desires. The more you know about your audience, the easier it is for you to offer them a solution. When you truly understand what your audience wants you know what to say, how to say it and why to say it in order to deliver a message that sticks. Coming back to my earlier point regarding the pain point. If you don't understand who you are selling your vision, product or service to, you can never understand what will make them decide. Donald Trump understood and connected with his audience, which therefore enabled him to gain their votes. 4- Trigger Emotions When you work in the sales industry you know that people make decisions based on emotions. All the tactics previously mentioned boil down to emotions . Donald Trump (although some might say he was at times lacking in direction with regards to campaign strategy) always delivered speeches that triggered emotions. Good emotions or bad emotions, it didn't matter. He tapped into people's fear of loss, and desire for gain. We are all emotional beings and he triggered people's emotions like no candidate before him. Therefore, he won the vote of many people with the help of this tactic. 5- Be Different As I mentioned at the start, it's a fast paced world and you need to get the people's attention. You can do so by being different. Similarly to sales, if you hear someone open their pitch with the same lines as many other sales representatives, you will quickly tune out and question the legitimacy of their message. Donald Trump's every move and word was unpredictable. Hillary's not so much. As the saying goes, if you do the same thing over and over again, you will get the same result. Some people saw Hillary as another candidate that may have played the same cards as previous presidential candidates. As for Donald Trump, we can all agree, he presented differently. He was like nothing we had ever seen before. Many thought he was different in negative ways, but he was different none the less. That gave people hope that his differences, will result in much needed change. 6- Act with Confidence I don't think this one is a secret, Donald Trump exudes confidence. Whenever you sell a product or service you need to believe in yourself and what you're selling, otherwise why would anyone believe in you? You see, the more confident you are in yourself and your vision, product or service, the more likely you will inspire confidence in the customer (or audience) to make a buying decision. Many people have insecurities and don't like making tough decisions. Being confident in yourself and whatever you sell will give them the added confidence that they are making the right decision by saying yes. Final Words I wrote this blog to show you the importance of using these tactics in your sales pitch and their potential effectiveness when applied in other circumstances. I didn't write this to hail nor put down either presidential candidate. I am not here to choose political sides, I simply wanted to take the opportunity of utilizing the heavily media driven electoral campaign to provide an example of how sales tactics are often used in everyday events to gain a desired outcome! Thanks for reading. Raphael Huwiler
4 Ways you can Use Scarcity in a Sales Pitch Think back to your childhood. When someone said you couldn't have something, didn't you want it even more? You see, people want what they can't have, and we are all driven by our emotional wants and desires. We have a big fear of losing out on something. That is why you see so many people holding on to things they will never use again. Simply because they fear that one day it might come in handy. I am sure that you have experienced this in your own life. You want what you can’t have. If something is in limited supply, it becomes more attractive to us. Have you ever noticed how companies always have a special sale on the go? Well they are using scarcity to help the buyer make a purchase and prevent procrastination. It is common for people to procrastinate, especially when it comes to purchases, as we live in a busy world and we constantly have things on the go. If we put something off until tomorrow it will most likely never happen. That is why it is crucial to use scarcity while selling. The process by which people make purchases has changed and buyers have become smarter, so make sure that you let the buyer know that it is their decision, they are the judge. People love to buy but don't like to be sold on a product, so by creating scarcity it is as if you are simply letting them know the product or service is available but the store is about to close and tomorrow, the sale is no longer on. The more the scarcity for an item increases the more we see value in it. Now while there are many ways to use scarcity to get a potential buyer to say yes, keep in mind many of these scarcity tactics can be combined to create an even bigger need to buy. Let's have a look at four ways you can include scarcity in your sales pitch. 1- Quantity Scarcity No matter if you sell online, over the phone or face to face, quantity scarcity works like a charm. How many times have you heard someone proudly say "I was able to grab the last one on the shelf"? How many times do you see people rushing to buy something because there is only a limited quantity of the product left? You see, the moment there is a limited amount of something, it becomes more special to us and therefore helps us pull the trigger when it comes to making a buying decision. Why do we respond so strongly when something is limited? Here are three big reasons. The first reason is we love to keep up with others. ('Keeping up with the Jones')  If the people next door have the new flat screen TV, chances are you want it as well. Reason number two: if something is almost sold out it gives the impression that it is a must have item as demonstrated by so many others acquiring the item. Reason number three: nobody wants to miss out on a deal and regret it later on. These are the reasons why you must incorporate quantity scarcity into your sales pitch or sales page. 2- Price Scarcity This one seems like a classic, though some might say it doesn't work anymore, but I can assure you it does. Who likes to have more money in their wallet? Everyone. Here are two reasons why price scarcity works. First off, it makes the buyer feel like they are getting an amazing deal. The higher the initial price, the more likely people will buy as they will assume it is better quality. When price scarcity is added to highly priced item, then its success rate increases significantly. Secondly, we might not see enough value in paying $200 for something, however if the price is down to $140 all of a sudden we can justify our purchase. Make sure you have some promotions set in place that can save the customer money. That way you will utilize the price scarcity factor to your advantage. 3 - Time Scarcity Time scarcity is another great tactic for your sales pitch. Time scarcity can mean the product is half price for 2 days only. It can mean that if you buy one today you actually get a second one for free. It can also mean if you don't buy today we might be sold out. As demonstrated with this last example, if there's a risk that your customers may find themselves on the fence about a purchase, then you can combine time scarcity with quantity scarcity. 4 - Specialty Scarcity Specialty scarcity is another great one because people love to buy things such as special editions, VIP packages and items that are only produced in limited quantities worldwide. If you package your product or service as a specialty item you will be utilizing the specialty scarcity tactic which in turn will increase the likelihood of a purchasing decision. Keeping up with the Jones is great but beating the Jones is even better. Everyone wants to feel special. If they are the proud owner of something that makes them feel special , the value of the product will always override the price. Final Words Remember, purchases are based off emotions. No matter what price you ask, a customer will pay as much as they can justify as long as they see the value of the purchase. The amount of value they see in anything they buy comes down to how it will make them feel emotionally. One of the major keys in any persuasion process is applying scarcity because it taps into our emotions. The moment scarcity comes into play we see more value and feel more excitement towards the potential purchase. Putting it simply, scarcity is what pushes us all away from procrastination and makes it easy for us to purchase. However, please keep in mind that even though these tactics can prove significantly beneficial for sales people, it is essential to utilize these in an ethical manner. Make sure to listen for what the customer truly wants and needs, and to offer a positive buying experience. After all, sales is about creating relationships, not closing deals. Thanks for reading  Raphael Huwiler
4 Things that will Help you Deal with Job Loss Losing a job can be one of the hardest and most stressful times for anyone, including the ones close to you. Life is short but yet we spend so much time at work, so when you lose your job it can feel like your identity is under attack, and a whole new world of fears and anxiety, crushing down. How can you feel happy, anxiety free and actually still be a fun person to be around, even though you lost your job? Let's look at 4 steps to guide you through this tough time. Step 1- Watch your Daily Focus The moment you lose your job you likely will start feeling afraid of what will happen. You will start thinking about the bills that are due. You will experience anger, denial and just overall sadness. We spend so much time of our lives working, so when we lose that job that we are so familiar and reliant on it can be a blow to our ego and identity. If you have ever lost a job before I am sure you can relate. Whenever you felt strong emotions towards that job loss, what were you thinking about during that time? I am sure you will see your focus was on losing that position. You see, what we focus on is what we feel. As Tony Robbins says, "emotions don’t just happen to us we create them by what we focus on". I know that we can't control what happens in our lives but we can always control how we respond. You see when you choose to focus on something, when you strongly dwell on it then you experience the emotions that result from that focus. Although your main focus is to be sad, angry or disappointed, you must not dwell on those emotions. Whenever something bad happens in life we can choose to either become a victim because of the situation or become stronger because of the situation. Whatever we decide is what will determine our future. Now ask yourself how can you change the way you look at your current job loss situation? Were you really happy? After you reflect on those questions I want you to really dig deep inside and make a commitment to no longer be a victim. Realize that not only you were affected by this job loss, but your loved ones were as well. Now is not time to let your emotions break you, it's time to be great for yourself and the ones around you. Anything that is approached with a positive attitude will be done better than if approached with a negative attitude. Really make sure you remember to keep in mind what you focus on "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." (Wayne Dyer) Step 2- Accept Reality, don't Fight Reality Now that you know the importance of your daily focus, let's look at your current situation. Is it the end of the world? No. Will you find a job again? Yes. You see, most people get so frustrated and caught up in their little world when situations don’t work out, they forget that a fight against reality will always be lost. I know that might not be what you want to hear however this is key to dealing with job loss. There is no room for denial or anger and there is nothing you can do to change it. I am a big believer that things happen for a reason and therefore I feel you should embrace the change. No matter what changes in your life it can make you or break you, but only you have the power to decide. You lost your position within a company, that is all. Now take all the energy and put it into finding a job that will make you happy. Life is too short to be sad, angry or disappointed. Let's change that focus from fighting reality to finding a solution. Accept the challenge that you’ve been given, and conquer it. Step 3- Mental and Physical Fitness Let me ask you, have you ever gone through a break up? If you have, I am sorry as I know it is painful. However, what do most people do? They find comfort in drinking, eating junk food, and binge watching Netflix. Although most people do this, it is unlikely to get you feeling better faster. The same goes for losing your job. Most people treat them both the same, and taking part in that behavior is simply not effective. Mental and physical fitness should be on your priority list regardless what day it is. However, when you go through rough times it is especially crucial. Now is not time for dwelling on negatives and eating foods that will make you feel sluggish. It is time to read books that will inspire and sharpen your mind while also being physically active. Step 4- Take Action and Deliver Now that you are physically and mentally ready, the final step is to take action. Take the word rejection and delete it from your memory. I want you to maintain action everyday to get the new job you love and deserve. Every single day you need to have a goal for how many applications you will submit. Once you make that list, focus on the top three options that you would really see yourself enjoying. Make sure to use your creativity while applying and to demonstrate a commitment to follow up. What used to work in the past to stand out from long lists of applicants is no longer effective. If you send a resume, you will be lost in a massive pile of resumes. Get creative, get attention and remember, a company only wants to know what is in it for them. What will you bring to the table? Why is the company better off with you on board? Sales 101: it is not what you want to sell that matters, it is what they want to buy. They are the buyer and you my friend, are the product or service. Make sure that you deliver yourself in a manner they can't forget. "They may forget what you said — but they will never forget how you made them feel."(Carl W. Buehner ) Make sure they feel excited about you, and get them to understand emotionally as well as logically that you are the perfect fit for the position. Final Words I hope you now feel excited and motivated. Remember you must first believe before you can achieve, so go out there and get the job you love and deserve. Every challenge in life is an opportunity to become a better version than you were the day before, so go and be great. Thanks for reading! Raphael Huwiler